It’s a sign

You know, as if it weren’t bad that I dented my car twice in the same week — just less than a month ago — I of course put another big fat fucking dent in the car again tonight.


I need to just give up on having a vehicle and move somewhere with great mass transportation. (D.C., anyone?) Seriously, I cannot be this preoccupied all the goddamned time and expect to survive. I was just SO TIRED and not paying attention as usual. My poor car.

Really, it’s indicative of bigger issues. Is my eyesight going? Or am I just such a pudgy little ball of stress that I am absolutely incapable of driving correctly anymore?

I used to be so careful. I used to care so much about my car. Now, it’s all just so secondary to whatever I feel like I SHOULD be doing instead of wasting time in the car. *sigh*

I’m fine. I guess. I just wish I could lock myself in the house for a few days, catch up on my sleep and just get my head back into the game already.

But seeing as though that ain’t gonna happen, perhaps someone could chauffeur me around for a few weeks? Pretty please?

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