I didn’t dent any cars today, so that alone qualifies today as a victory.

I started a “gratitude journal” today. I figure, when I’m feeling cursed, it’s the ultimate irony.

My entries are heavily sarcastic, like “I haven’t totaled my car (yet)” and “My rap sheet is homicide-free (so far).”

Hey, those count as blessings!

I got an unexpected bit of hope today in an unexpected phone call. Nothing to hang my hat on, mind you, but a reminder that I was special once. And maybe that I still am, deep down in there somewhere.

Actually, I got another unexpected bit of hope. I was checking in on Lachlan’s blog (wow, between a quick phone call and blog-reading, I almost seem like I have free time!), and someone anonymously sent her mom a nice sum of money to pay her bills.

My comment, although misspelled (gah) was to thank this anonymous angel for giving me the faith in humanity I so desperately needed to hear about today.

Miracles really do happen. I was starting to not believe in them anymore. So, thank you, anonymous friend. I don’t even need to be the direct beneficiary of a miracle; being part of one or simply knowing that nice things DO happen to great people is just as good. 🙂

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