Ah weekend, I hardly knew ye

Out for Business

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I always consider it a victory when I can have half a day Saturday and a half-day Sunday for personal pursuits. So, weekend win, yo.

Church was absolutely fantastic today. It was all music worship. We have four campuses for this church, and today we were wired in to all four campuses, with each leading us in song. Freaking amazing, I tell you. I know pride is a sin and all, but it can’t be when I say I’m so proud of the place where I belong. I’m especially proud of my preferred campus — my guys rocked the stage. 🙂

I keep forgetting that it’s only life, you know? I was thinking about my previous manifesto about why I love D.C. and I’m thinking about what keeps me from visiting it. Mostly in the way of responsibilities, and a falling-apart car and a pile of bills and just all these invisible shackles that I allow to weigh me down.

Silly girl.

When your goal is just getting through, no good things are going to come to you, you know?

The other day, someone was asking me about my dream car. My response was a simple, “One that isn’t dented.” Everyone else listed their dream vehicles and they came back to me. “One that runs properly,” I added.

Everyone was shocked at my absolute disinterest in cars. It’s not that — I just figure that with so many expenses (that I willingly and maybe even eagerly took on), why should I think about having anything “fun”?

And then today, outside my church, I saw my new car, the Hyundai Genesis coupe. What a sweet little ride.

Coveting is a sin, too, yes? Damn it! 🙂

Oh well. I’m putting it “out there” that I want it. Of course, with my credit score, I’d be lucky to get a 10-speed for the same price. But I’ve got to stop letting stupid shit like credit scores (and reality, for that matter) keep holding me back from at least visualizing what I want.

The thing is, I don’t drive anymore unless it’s to work. It’s a nice drive and I always dress like a hooker so I can get sun on my shoulders during the commute.

But with free time so finite, and the engine so rickety, I can’t believe I haven’t roamed the state in search of adventure.

I mean, even though driving in D.C. stressed me the hell out for the first two years, I still did it. I white-knuckled my way around the Beltway and at various points north, south, east and west of it … but I did it. Here, I stay in my own little corner of my own little room and it’s KILLING ME.

I’ve decided that I am OK where I live now (surrounded by water. I mean, come on, I’m not a moron!), but I have got to get my city-girl ass someplace resembling a city down here. There are three signs of life — West Palm, Lauderdale and Miami — and I’m smack between two of them.

But with a functioning car that doesn’t embarrass me (or downright scare me) to drive, I can get to all of them until I can move to one of them.

Getting older is such a bitch, you know? I continue to long for adventure, but having some security/stability and a place to truly call home is also on my “coveting” list.

That’s why it’s so weird to be thinking about a “next” car that’s not a minivan or something else that would tote a family along for the ride. Of course, the way my luck usually has it, it would be the day I walk into the dealership and drive out with another sports car that I’d find out that I need something a little more conservative. 😉

That’s OK. I’ll take my chances! I’ve got to remember that God’s plan for me is still in motion, whatever that plan is. And even if it’s to get an oceanfront condo in Miami and enjoy the shit out of my next little sports car, I ain’t complainin’.

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