666 — June 6, 6 a.m.

I hate summer. I don’t care how cold I have my a/c on, I still can’t sleep through the night. And then I got sick sometime during the wee hours, as my mind was working overtime and I believe it manifested itself in other ways. So, I had to get up early today, but that was when I had finally snuck in some Zzzs. In any event, so much for being up and prepared for a morning meeting.

In other news, my younger cat is 4 years old today. I bought cat treats in honor of it — the girls are suspicious, because while they are well-fed with wet Fancy Feast food that’s supplemented with dry kibble every day, I don’t do the treat route. Bad kitties don’t get rewarded. 😉

In fact, since I stopped doling out treats, my elder cat has lost about 7 pounds. (She was pushing 20 before.) Perhaps if I start denying myself some Goddess treats, I might enjoy the same sudden state of being in shape! 🙂

That’s probably why I was sick last night — dinner was a handful of reduced-fat, Zesty Guacamole Pringles and a triple-chocolate Klondike. Either that, or it was writing out that huuugggeee rent check yesterday that reminded me how little money I have to play with when the first pay of the month rolls around. *barf*

At least my problematic new coffee pot brewed a full eight-ounce mug o’ java joy today. I think it knew I needed the equivalent of a hug. And I appreciated it!

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