I’ll take the ‘road to hell’ for $1,000, Alex.

Answer: “What is, paved with good intentions?”


OK day, I guess, interrupted by crabalicious moments here and there.

Four thoughts that are better left untyped, but when did propriety ever interest me?

1. That hyena-in-heat sound? If the Crocodile Hunter were still alive, I’d advise you to watch yourself.

2. Um, I know I *said* I need multiple reminders because I get so busy, but the more I have to TALK about it, the later I will GET to it.

3. As Sabre and I were discussing today, what is WITH people who act like assholes and subsequently (intentionally or otherwise) drive you away from them? And THEN when you’re finally free of them, they come back and Will. Not. Go. Away. If you’ve moved on, kindly MOVE THE FUCK ON. And keep MOVING!!!

4. I’ve either got to control my meandering middle finger or just gouge out my eyes to keep them from rolling skyward. I know I’m worried what X could possibly do to hurt Y, and I’m loyal to Y but it ain’t my bidness and in my experience, the “Y” party usually gets ticked off at uninvited interventions. So, all you can do is stand by, and hope that something you do/don’t say or do isn’t going to be something that costs you your alliance with Y.

I don’t know anymore. I just don’t.

Some days, the only thing that keeps your chin up is the noose around your neck. …

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