‘Bucks, fucks and yuks

* Starbucks needs to deliver. Period, end of story. Because it’s snowing and I say so. The coffeemaker’s been on the fritz for three days at work. That’s the good, glorious, single-serving, gourmet coffeemaker, of course. Not the “regular” pots that we look at and go, “Enh — I don’t need caffeine THAT badly.” Dear God, this company runs on coffee and chocolate — speaking of, I should go to our Candy Corner to indulge at least ONE vice today. …

* We’re going through sort of a transition period at Ye Olde Humble Work Establishment Type Place. Blah blah ownership etcetera etcetera. The owner was walking around the other day, looking sort of sad and lost, as this was his little dream just a few decades ago, and look how big it’s grown. But I’m sure he’ll be mighty happy once it’s in different hands, as it’s worth a bundle. But even though I don’t feel sorry for him on *that* front, I’ve never seen a dream come to fruition and, ultimately, completion, so it’s got to be strange when the time comes to take your name off of everything that ever meant anything to you.

* Speaking of visions that I’d love to have come true, I dreamed I was making out hardcore with Timbaland — like, hot and heavy holy crap *fans self* what a way to wake up in the morning! *swoon* I guess he was being interviewed on the radio this morning (download it here), and we all know I sleep through my alarm because I can’t ever get my ass to sleep at night. Anyway, I don’t know what my fascination with that man is (although my friend’s husband did grow up with him), but I hear he’s got an album coming out — you can stream his new single here. (Damn it, iTunes, get this in already!)

* I see stupid people, part 1: My neighbor was knocking on her own door, and the kid was inside the apartment. The woman said, “Let Mommy in,” and the kid said, “How do I know it’s Mommy?” I’ve seen the kid — she’s like, 8 years old. The mother had to keep knocking until the kid asked again, “Who is it?” I don’t know how she kept from killing that child, and I swear to God, I don’t think the kid was joking around!

* I see stupid people, part 2: I went shopping in what might become my new neighborhood, and I don’t care how upscale a community claims to be, idiocy knows no social class bounds. I was perusing the facial cleansers, which are located about two sections away from the hand lotions. So this man sees that one of the pump-dispenser facial cleanser containers was open (i.e., the pump was up and not locked down), so he pumped it a few times and rubbed it into his hands. It was CLEARASIL, you moron!

* More apartment-hunting goodness slated for this weekend, but abundant social time. Hurrah! Not that I’m overly thrilled to be social, by any means, but the good thing about social situations is that they mercifully end and I can crawl back in my hole and write about them (cryptically) later. 😉

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