I win today

Not just quarantine. Although, that too.

Had a great leadership call today. They value my experience and opinion. And gave me a big, fat project.

Edited a beast of a document. Tamed it into submission by version 5.

Had a great team call today. Where the writer of that beast thanked me in front of 14 people for having the instinct he didn’t at the time of writing. (We got the data on the call to back up my instinct.)

My boss thanked me for making a big difference in a short time.

My niece sent me a sweet gift that she made with her mom during their quarantine. This is the best part of the day, no doubt.

The happy halfwit who blasts his “God Bless Amurrica” music when Grey’s is wrapping up can’t get his signal to hold.

I got to see my little trick-or-treaters.

Morris and Magic

And I’m me.

Glorious day.

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