Tentin Quarantino

Idea for a screenplay:

You drive up to one of those places that is giving out boxes of TP, water, eggs, chicken and Clorox wipes.

They put it in your car and you drive off.

You get home and find a dead hooker in your trunk. Strapped to her is a case of N95 masks that the government is in hot pursuit of and there’s a tracking device on the box and you don’t know it and try to give them to healthcare workers but the tRump administration doesn’t want you helping the greater good and sends his goons after you. Hilarity ensues.

Call it “National Stockpile.”

OK that’s all I got. Too much Dateline and wine for me.

Actually it could be the prequel to the “Saying Goodbye to Dawn” plot I foiled. Where a “researcher” who solves the case gets foiled by my spot-on intuition. Dawn visits her college friend in Vegas and hits the jackpot.

New career, ahoy!

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