I *~*heart*~* Bill Cowher

With somewhat of a ruckus erupting over the Steelers choosing to wear white uniforms at the Super Bowl, Coach Bill Cowher (Bil Cahr, to Iron City locals and expats) expressed his surprise at the grand attention to the team’s fashion choices:

Cowher became perplexed at the constant questioning about the issue at his weekly news conference, finally saying, “You want to know what shoes I’m wearing, too?”

3 Responses to I *~*heart*~* Bill Cowher

  1. Amy :

    Love that Bill!!
    And speaking of Steelers-ness did you see this?


    Cowher Power Baby!!!!

  2. Goddess Dawn :


  3. Old Freind :

    Win it for the CHIN!!!!!!!!! Go Stillers!!!!!!! Oh ouch!?!….. I threw out my hip….Damn Chipped Ham on the floor…………..