I can’t believe this person went to school where I did

I have this person who is 10 cherry tomatoes short of a salad because they keep insisting they are going to work here, and take my job title.

And when I explain what “process” means (and is), they flat-out ignore me and ask the same questions a different way. (i.e., Is my start date for nonexistent position still on arbitrary-date-they-pulled-from-their-butt?)

Days ago I felt bad and sent an editing test. Which was replied to with, “You mean a managing editor test? For the job I’m taking in July?”


I got the edit back today. In a file type I cannot open because NO ONE IN THIS INDUSTRY USES MAC.

Way to anticipate your “future employer’s” needs.

The note that came with it?

“This is how I’d do the job as managing editor.”

So in other words, in a file format that your team cannot even use.

Good job on that.

Should I even bother asking for a re-send?

What’s sad is I DO need some help. I just don’t want THEIRS.


I asked for a resend. The reply? ” I figured that might be an issue.” NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

The edits sucked. Half-assed at best.

The conversation ends here.

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