Happy birthday to me. As I await sleep after a very long, nutty workday and with all the feels from the “Nashville” season finale while Islamic Caitlyn Jenner argues with people upstairs and oh it’s MIDNIGHT. 

Had a ridiculous restaurant experience today. Ordered water. Tap water; I was clear. Then I get a text and have to go back to work to deal with an alert. 

Which, it was already after 1 pm and I was hangry. So I say I need to leave and come back. They fucking charge me for the tap water. Wtf. 

So I pay cash and grab the glass bottle and I run next door to the office. And fat girl can run!

The server who came chasing after me was out of breath. I wasn’t allowed to take the bottle. You know, that I just paid for. 

I said I will be back in like 15 minutes and you can have your precious bottle. She said no. I said wow then don’t charge for tap water. 

I did go back. It’s now 1:30 and I could scream because I’m so tired. The bartender was shocked. I said I want my avocado toast now. 

She’s like do you want water and I said I already fell for that once before, thanks. And I might or might not have ordered wine instead. Which by the way they will let you walk down the street with!

The day wasn’t a total shit festival. Although I had my Facebook wall on lockdown, so I wasn’t getting any birthday wishes. In fact, the first person to wish me happy birthday was Hillary Clinton! 

So I opened the wall and everyone has been wonderful. I’m surprised at those I didn’t hear from. Like, good friends of recent times gone by. 

But I was amazed by all the folks who did take time out of their day. Even those who are on significant-other lockdown who weren’t as communicative as usual. 

I try to interact with people all year but I am not great with birthday wishes. I will get better about that this year. It means a lot to me after a shit festival kind of day — that turns it around right quick. 

Anyway. I have no words of wisdom as I become the “meaning of life” age. I’m just going to try harder to be better. Can’t say I can do or care about much else at this point. 

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