Emotional cheapskates

I continue to be amazed at who cares that it’s my birthday. They like me — they really like me! 

I also continue to be amazed that the two people I spent the most time with and spent the most money on can’t be arsed to send a text or use Zuckerberg’s platform. 

I mean, drop a dime and impress me here. Did I mean so little that no feelings or time or financial investment can be acknowledged, or returned in a small way?

Cheapskates. Emotionally or otherwise. Send a Starbucks card if you don’t want to break the emotional or financial bank or bother to get an address right 

Every year I end up cycling through people. This one is no different. 

Last year the team was going to take me to lunch at Brule. It fell through. If not for Lindsey and Sarah, I would have had no birthday at all. 

We went to a cute place that has since closed down. It was s great day. And it was all I did to celebrate turning 41. (And I never did get to Brule. Maybe next year.)

This birthday I took myself out for 20 minutes. You read that story. Didn’t do anything this year. Sarah and Lindsey still reached out but we don’t work in the same place anymore. 

But I have plans with a new friend today. An unexpected invitation. And I am happy for it.

Wonder who will make me sad next year, and wonder who will swoop in and take the pain away …

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