‘How long till my soul gets it right’

There are moments in my life when I’m so mixed-up and don’t know what to do because it feels like it’s going to be wrong anyway, and there are other times when I suck it up and say, hey, it’s done. Move on because there are more decisions to be made. But even so, you just feel so, I don’t know, dumb for a moment.

And then there are moments like today when you realize the rest of the world is so much stupider than you could ever be, and suddenly, you feel so much better.

I booked a trip in December to take soon. And they usually ding the credit card for one night’s stay, but they didn’t. So today, I decided to confirm the reservation. And I must have spoken to 10 people, but no luck — I was nowhere in the system.

The weird part of all of this? I got a snail-mail confirmation that I am in fact attending the out-of-town event at that particular hotel, but while everyone else had their hotel reservations at the bottom of the letter, mine did not. But here’s the kicker — they wouldn’t have KNOWN I was attending the event in the first place had I not FAXED my room reservation form to their stupid asses in the FIRST PLACE.


Mercury goes back into retrograde tomorrow, but I think it got there early. …

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