Hot buttered death

I am still feeling like shit. Hooray. The throat, she is scorching.

Put in about six hours of work today (otherwise known as “a half-day”) and snarfed and coughed my way through it. I got my voice back, though, along with a nice backache and migraine to boot. Joy.

Talked to my best friend tonight. Her little girl Alex was shrieking “Aunt Dawn! Miss you Aunt Dawn! Love you Aunt Dawn!” Cutest thing ever. I love that kid so much.

Shan and I laughed so damned hard over so many things that the voice I just got back is gone again. No matter, because it was totally worth it. It’s weird that she called when she did, because I was feeling crabby because I’m weakened (I am a horrible sick person — I hate admitting defeat to a freaking battalion of germs). It’s like she knew that I needed her, and likewise, because she told me immediately after I said hello, “You’re my lifeline. I’m so glad you picked up.”


Anyway, I got inspired after talking to her, and here I present the fruits of my newly regenerated creativity. …

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