Ah, ’tis the season to be sick, and I am not immune. I have my annual case of laryngitis — joy and rapture untold, I say. But what I don’t understand is all the body aches that go with it.

The craptacular thing about it is that I’m at home and *could* work on my novel. But I can’t even sit upright for more than a few minutes (damn backache), so that’s out.

I did get some good news on the homefront. Mom called (and I couldn’t even butt in, as I have no voice. I am starting to sense a pattern that she really likes to call when I’m forced to shut up!) and said she’s moving. Yay! We hate where she is now. She’s going to leave practically everything behind and take off for the new place later this month.

It’s a real, bona fide house. Just renting. Problem is, there’s no fridge, stove or washer, which — wonderful — those things were stolen from our storage unit just last week. The ones she has now came with the place, as did the rats, mice and spiders. All of which, she’s happy to leave behind. 😉 So let’s add that to our wish lists for Santa (appliances and furniture, not bugs!).

Christmas will be very different this year, but in the best of ways. Last year it was a sad one because I was broke and they were broke from trying to help me keep my car. Last year I had a slight bit of an obsession with knives, to boot. But this year, it will be another poverty-filled holiday, but one in a place that she sounds like she’s in love with. And I’ll order food, damn it. To quote Babs in “The Prince of Tides,” “Just because I don’t cook doesn’t mean I don’t know how to eat!”

And don’t think Mamacita hasn’t taunted me that I’d be able to have my own bedroom and that I should just move on back to Pittsburgh when my building finally gets evicted. Heh. Here’s to hoping we get her through HER move before I have to deal with mine!

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