A day late and a dollar short

In which it’s another Tuesday edition (on my part) of Reader Poll Monday.

1. What’s your current favorite song?
Omg, I fucking love love LOVE this song:

Jem, “24”

2. Any interesting elections in your neck of the woods tomorrow?
Oh Jesus H. Virginia governor’s race between an asshat and an asstwit. Seriously. I know exactly what hellacious things each candidate is capable of doing, thanks to mudslinging. But what DO these guys stand for? No fucking idea. Talk about the battle of who could care less. I couldn’t be bothered to vote this time around.

3. Would you rather lose the thumb on your dominant hand or lose your peripheral vision in your dominant eye?
Opposable thumbs are so very useful. And necessary.

No further commentary required. 😉

4. How many active e-mail accounts do you have?
A bajillion.

A Yahoo!, two Gmail, a Comcast, two work and about 5 domain-based accounts. All of which are laden with spam and I cannot for the life of me get the things to a more manageable level of chaos.

5. What is your favorite thing about the city/town in which you live?
All the things there are to do, I guess. Free stuff, especially. I’ve been getting myself cultured lately, which is awesome, because that was what I loved about Pittsburgh when I lived there. I’ve had many a good adventure at a Smithsonian-type establishment and/or just hanging out in some sort of national park, writing in a journal or otherwise staring at the sky and dreaming.

6. Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship? Would you do it again?
Ugh. Yes. Hated it. Got real tired of being expected to participate phone sex every freaking time I picked up the phone (he had stamina, too — my long-distance bills were atrocious). Realized that there wasn’t exactly anything else *to* the relationship. I got bored and ended it.

7. Where do you get most of your news (paper, TV, Internet, etc.)?
Heh. I watch Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show.” That’s an adequate dosage.

8. Do you regularly check your horoscope?
Every freaking day. Always Yahoo! Astrology and its various subsects (i.e., daily work, daily flirt, daily extended, career, etc.). I also get daily/weekly e-mails from Astrocenter.

9. If you could, what’s one thing you would change about me?
I’d give you your dream job.

10. Ask me something.
I’m being selfish — how do you get rid of a sore throat? I have a virtual pharmacy on my coffee table and seem to be getting worse.

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