Here at the ‘Island of Misfit Mascots’ …

So I’ve got one of those blinding headaches that I get every year, in which I’d normally close myself in my office, turn off the lights and keep the place silent.

And, oh yeah, now I work in a bustling cube farm and have NO control over the pendant lights that are just above our heads. Yay.

So I’m wearing sunglasses instead of reading glasses. Which is NOT overly helpful to my line of detail work. And then I had to take them off to go greet Sexual Harassment Panda.

Anyway, of course I take it seriously, but the one problem I have (other than the discouragement from swearing and of commenting on other’s work hours *cough*) is the whole “you may never ever never ever never date anyone here ever” stuff. And that’s fine, really. I mean, the thought doesn’t often cross one’s mind anyway.

But … what if your soulmate is working somewhere in the building or is maybe going to start working there? How many people don’t even notice the yin to their yang (lawsuit!) and are miserable little workers when they could be happy in at least one area of their lives? 😉

Oh well. Back to the grindstone. Heh heh heh heh heh, she said “grind”!

Back to the fourth grade with me. …

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