Pity, party of 1

Day two of migraine from hell. Bonus symptoms include a sore neck and stiff shoulders. Awesome! Am trying to stay in hiding from anyone who would purposely or even inadvertently poke the penguin — I’m not above making someone feel as hurty as I do. In fact, it might make me feel better to pat someone on the head with a brick. 😉

Because “sick day” isn’t in my vocabulary, I’m still wearing sunglasses. Prescription ones, so I can actually edit better than I was yesterday. Whee. Too bad I just keep reading the same grafs over and over because I can’t concentrate enough to know whether I’ve read them before or not.

I’m not going to bore anyone with reflections on Sept. 11. It’s just a shitty tragedy and it’s been a shitty day every year because the sun has the audacity to shine despite the pall over the day. I half-wonder whether that’s part of my physical ailments … whether they’re partially in my head because of this day.

Anyway, to lighten things up a bit, do yourself a favor and go to iTunes and buy this bit from Patton Oswalt on “Alternative Earth.” The gist is that maybe there’s a parallel universe where 9/11 never happened, Al Gore is president and Paris Hilton isn’t a celebrity.

Hey, it’s nice to dream, anyway!

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