Because I’ve got to do something to stay awake

So a friend was sharing a VERY romantic e-mail from a new suitor that was sending our hearts a-flutter with the beauty of the language (and correct grammar!) used. And the conversation is just too good to lose into the AIM ether. …

Notice: All instant messages sent to and from this buddy name will be logged by the IMAuditor and are subject to archival, monitoring, or review and/or disclosure to someone other than the recipient.
Friend: [insert magical prose here]
Friend: he sent that very early this morning
Moi: dear god
Friend: sAwoon
Moi: quick, somebody start fanning me
Friend: the writer in me is near to fainting
Moi: the woman in me would be saving that for later 😉
Friend: ahahahaha
Friend: wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was such a man, with prose like that, a lovely face, who opened your door and held your chair, and then brought you home and slammed you against the … shit we are being monitored.

One Lonely Response to Because I’ve got to do something to stay awake

  1. Sabre :

    Interesting how something as simple the written word can have that sort of affect on a woman!