Head or heart — who wins?

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Sometimes life goes by too quickly; other times it can’t go quickly enough.

Still waiting for resolution on the princes. The faraway prince basically said he knows what ring he’d buy and he’s prepared to do a whirlwind wedding upon an enchanted meeting. The nearby prince didn’t call yesterday. I’m losing my mind in the meantime.

I explained the situation to my faraway prince. That I want to make the right choice. But that certain freelance decisions I’ve made have taken away the luxury for me to make a well-thought-out choice now.

I was so certain I wanted the nearby prince. But then when I woke up this morning, I thought, hmm, I really like that faraway one.

Here’s my dilemma. I could see myself becoming fast and easy friends with everyone in his kingdom. And that is something that’s very important to me.

But … let me tell you a little something about working with/for friends. DON’T DO IT. I think certain friends of mine are counting on me always being nice, never putting up a fuss, always acquiescing when it comes time to fighting for what’s owed to me.

Speaking of which, I could tell you the story about when I got an e-mail that sent me straight over the edge. (I remember it like it was yesterday. Probably because it was.)

But the moral to the story is this: Suddenly, the nearby prince became more attractive in that nobody knows thing one about me. I can reinvent myself here.

Not that I’d give up being patient or understanding or even nice. I’m not changing my character at age 37 here. But I have the chance to remove the “sucker” tattoo from my forehead and start anew.

I want the faraway prince. But I think I need the nearby one.

Head or heart — who wins?

I often curse the day I left D.C. I KNEW Florida was going to be a disaster. I mean, I hoped otherwise. But in my gut, I didn’t have a good feeling. Yet I embarked on the journey anyway.

And as I was telling one of my bestest friends in the world yesterday, I needed to come here to meet my new best friends. I wouldn’t have known them if I hadn’t taken the chance on something entirely new.

And maybe I am thinking out this decision as much as it needs to be, and I simply just don’t have an answer. Either one is a leap of faith. It comes down to which one gets me out of the house (I already bought some new dresses — these people dress up, yo) and which one gets me working with friends who pay.

I figured yesterday would bring resolution. Maybe today it will. I need to pull it together in the meantime; but I’ve had enough uncertainty and I want to just know what’s next. There’s plenty of time to regret whatever the decision is later. 😉

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