Half- Random time report

Fourth quarter. Steelers down 3 points. Me drunk on the body of Swirl. (Metaphorically, kids.) Woo!

I don’t know if my intoxicated ass will be awake to watch my boys win. But damn, hot pants. *fans self* God save the queen and hail that bitch for spandex. I *~*heart*~* watching boys from behind. I honestly admit, I don’t know shit about the game, but I do adore watching it nonetheless. I shall have sweet dreams tonight! *hiccup*

In strange news, here it is two years to the day that I left Club Med, and I got a call from a constituent who happened to be a big fan of mine. Good tidings, blah blah blah do I want to do some work for them? *thunk* I’d let it go to voicemail and I need to call back tomorrow, but uh. Wow.

The person went to great lengths to find me (i.e., letting the people who hate me that they wanted to get in touch with me), so happy happy joy joy. I love being a perennial thorn in their asses. 🙂 It especially entertains me that they have no use for the current staff there, that I stuck out in their minds that much. Well, duh! Talk about a way to get my attention. 😉

I hope it’s freelance work. Goddess knows that the super-ball consistency of the checkbook right now will be rather difficult to recover from. Full-time work would require daily butt (or other girly bit) smooches. I’d do anything for those!!! 😀

3 Responses to Half- Random time report

  1. Old Freind :


    We Fucking Rule!!!!!!!!

    It was a triumph for a saddened city….rest in peace mayor Bob, you were the quinticential pittsburgher!!!

  2. The Goddess :

    OMG, I am SO sad about Bob! What a great loss to the city. Who the hell is that stupid kid they think can replace him?!?!

    Anyway, atta boys!

  3. Erica :

    I’m happy to have been with you in spirit. 😉 (And, hey, I was also rooting for the Steelers.)