Countdown to kickoff

All right, first of all, GO STILLERS!!!

That said, who the hell thought that Rascal Flatts and, god love her, Martina McBride are appropriate song acts for Pittsburgh? Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi weren’t available? The Clarks? Seriously. Classic rock, people.

Awww, Franco Harris looks good! I haven’t seen him in person since 1997. And Lynn Swann! Met him in ’98. Martina was great. Of course. And I felt a weird wave o’ nostalgia, watching fireworks over the city I couldn’t get away from fast enough. Everything looks better when you look over your shoulder. *sniffle*

I’m just pissed off that I can’t find my Terrible Towel. I’ve found reams of old purses and porn as I’ve set about destroying the house, looking for it. If I find said towel, I should use it to clean up the Terrible MESS I’ve created!!!

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