Half-assed iPology

So I’m waiting for my SMS text message so I can get my $100 store credit for Apple. My colleague pointed out the fine print in the FAQS, however:

What products can I purchase using an Apple Store credit code?

You can purchase just about anything sold by Apple, except another Apple Store Gift Card or an iTunes electronic Gift Certificate.

Damn it!!! I’d already picked out the 10 albums I had planned to buy.

Apple truly is a cult. And like the Heaven’s Gate tools, I feel like we all cut off our balls to be a part of it. Steve Jobs is my shepherd; somebody pat my woolly ass as I trot after him. …

One Lonely Response to Half-assed iPology

  1. Tiff :

    You can’t buy an electronic gift certificate, but you CAN walk into a physical Apple store and pick up a physical iTunes gift card.