I take it back

I went to the Apple Store and got a nice, shiny $100 iTunes gift card. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?

Thank you, Steve Jobs. I love my phone and Apple, so I appreciate the bonus for being a good customer.

I think I was ticked off because I should have used the money for dental work, but instead I wanted to — for the first time in my life — join the early-adopter crowd. And I’ve loved it. It was sort of my first “status symbol” and I guess I was sort of incensed because the one time I decided to do something for myself — to reward myself for surviving this hideous fuckup of a year. But with the price cut coming six weeks after I bought the phone, it seemed like yet another message to me that no, in fact, I can’t make the right decision in any area of my life.

But alas, the world is right again. Sort of, anyway.

Time to fill the void with more purchases. But at least this time, I don’t have to float a rent check to do it!!!

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