Blowing off the cobwebs

Ah, dear almost-abandoned blog. I’ve missed you.

Have been working a crazy schedule. And by crazy, I mean psychotic. It’s calm during the day but boy, these nights have been something else.

And what to talk about if not about work? Hmm.

Can’t talk about this. Or that. Or that, either. Rats.

Drama is abounding. And I’m so not-dramatic, I don’t know how I attract it all.

I’m living my life on Twitter these days. And only giving updates to friends. So, well, what am I paying all these webhosting costs for?

I long for the day that I can be upfront with everyone about everything. But that day clearly isn’t set to arrive for a LONG time, so I’m not sure at this point that I’m not going to die with all these secrets and a list of things left unsaid that could fill the Dead Sea Scrolls and then some.

“Batten down the hatches, baby
Leave your heart out on your sleeve
It looks like we’re in for stormy weather
That ain’t no cause for us to leave
Just lie here in my arms
And let it wash away the pain
Feels like rain
And it feels like rain”

John Hiatt, “Feels Like Rain”

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