Grateful. Damn it.

My gratitude journal is starting to look like the makings of a stand-up comedy routine.

Today I am grateful that I was ALMOST dirt-ass po’ so that when some yahoo stole my checking account information and went on a spending spree — sending my account into negative numbers with just one transaction — I was glad the fucker couldn’t have bought more. 🙂

I mean, really. To buy a freaking PC? On my debit card? Did the bank not notice the eleventy billion dollars I’ve spent at the Apple Store this year? Of course the PC purchase wasn’t mine!

The sad part about this whole charade is that not only could I NOT afford a cup of coffee this morning, but I’m also out of kitty food and Kadie is none too pleased.

The bank told me to call back tomorrow since the transactions were only “pending” and they will likely be rejected overnight anyway. Which, terrific. I’m not mad at that. It’s just this “in the meantime” bullshit. I don’t have much money, but I’m a little panicky about not having access to ANYTHING. I mean, I’m sure Mom had nothing to eat tonight. It’s my responsibility to make sure we get fed around these parts, yo.

Oh well. In the meantime till this gets cleared up, I have some gas in the tank, I haven’t hit any cars (*knock on wood*) lately and I’ve got wine and half a cupcake in the fridge. What more does a girl need?

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