‘Recognize it all as light and rainbows / smashed to smithereens / and be happy’


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I’m hellbent on having a good weekend. I went to a food-and-wine festival Friday night, spent the day at the beach yesterday (my coloring could be best described as “crustacean,” fresh outta the pot), and went out last night.

Back to work after church today, but it’s all good. It’s more downtime than I’ve had in months.

I’m amazed at the things that shake loose from my head when I’m not uptight and worried about whatever I just fucked up or probably will fuck up. I’m amazed at all the fun there is to be had that I am continually missing out on.

I saw a great quote on Friday: “If you’re happy where you are, stay in the moment. If not, MOVE ON.”

Sage advice, indeed.

I saw another great quote on the PostSecret site this morning, which was that “I am allowed to be happy.”

Happy is a word I don’t use much, unless I am debating its existence. Or I use it ironically.

Maybe someday I’ll wake up and realize that the strange emotion overcoming me is that ever-elusive happiness. And that will be a moment I will want to stay in and will cling to it for dear life.

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