Even more good news

It’s pretty bad that I live within walking distance of a bridge. Because on a night like tonight, it’s pretty tempting to go heave my pudgy pork-roast ass over the railing.

Let’s see, the fraudulent charges that were “pending” yesterday (when I alerted my useless POS bank) went through today. So they told me to call said vendors and ask for a refund. Which, they don’t do.

The real icing on the cake was when the bank told me to inform said vendors, “Your charge caused seven instances of overdraft. Will you claim responsibility for those charges?”


No credit on the charges (45 to 90 days estimated for that) but I canceled my debit card. Another will be here in three days. I had to pay extra for that; otherwise it’s five days. Which, if you’re charging me $25 to “rush” it, wouldn’t that cover the overnight charge?

Not to mention, they can’t send it to work. You know, where I AM when Fedex is on duty.

I had to call the police to file an incident report. I am altogether too familiar with calling the police for other reasons, so it was rather refreshing to talk about stolen money for a change and not giving descriptions and names of crazy people. 🙂 Of course, not only was my account overdrawn by a couple hundred bucks, but I was also late for work. Whee!

So anyway, I logged into my account later to find all kinds of “miscellaneous charges.” I called the bank again and said WTF, my card’s been canceled. The hell? Oh, those were overdraft fees. You know, the ones they wanted the vendors to pay. All $200 worth of them.


So now I’m $400 in the hole and trying to get that crap reversed, too.

Even more good news — I just got a bill tonight from my former apartment complex. I can’t handle it. I know it’s got a comma in it but I got sick just holding the envelope.

I’m down to not a god damned penny here. The only bright spot is that I had given Mom an allowance over the weekend and she hadn’t spent it. I asked her to hit the dollar store for some kitty food, which she did. She also left me a sammich on my stove, which I just scarfed down until …


God, seriously?

2 Responses to Even more good news

  1. Lachlan :

    Ok, really. THis is insane.

    You need to throw the bitch ‘tude on and get someone with real fucking power at your bank. Threaten -and follow through with- the BBQ, FDIC, and any state level regulatory agencies which can investigate them. And then threaten to call whatever local media outlet there is.

    Also, they cannot, BY LAW, hold these other vendors accountable for the overdrafts. Your account would not be negative were it not for the fraud, so that nonsense is crazy.

    Deep breaths. Offer stands.

  2. ms7168 :

    I had to get my debit card replaced and they gave me the same crapola of $25. charge for an insta-send or no charge for normal delivery. I opted for no charge and guess what? I got it in 2 days anyway.