Good news, bad news, great news

First, the good.

Just in time for Christmas:

Custom Bon Jovi Apple Products

Who would have thought? Is this why I’ve been holding off on adding a MacBook to my life for so long, because I knew this was coming? 😉

Then the bad.

I skipped a car payment last month. (As my car is paid off and I wanted to eat my one meal a day that I could afford in Vegas. I’m so selfish.)

Looks like that means making two this Christmas.

So much for that MacBook.


Then the GREAT news.

I ordered a pair of jeans from Old Navy, and two shirts. The shirts were in two different sizes — one to wear now, one to grow (drop?) into.

Tried ’em on last night when I rolled home at 2 in the morning. (Late, glorious night out. Even though work threatened to crap on my parade because deadlines are apparently a SUGGESTION and not a guideline.)

And guess what?

They’re all TOO FUCKING BIG.


I rather like the jeans. But even without having ’em on all day with my ass stretching ’em out, they fall off.

I know, Old Navy runs big. But if my only holiday present this year is to find out I’m a size smaller than I thought I was, I’ll soitenly take it!

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