Good news all around

It’s 9 p.m. on the Tuesday before the Friday that is the last day at my beloved job, and I am working.

I left for a while — went to my last Tuesday Weight Watcher’s meeting that I love. It’s funny, I do have a lot of things in my life that I love. Makes you wonder why I’m running away from this life.

Oh yeah. See: “Working at 9 p.m. so she could make it to a 6:30 p.m. meeting!”

I had such a great time at my meeting. I love my weight-loss buddies. I love my meeting leader. I am somebody there, you know? Just like at work, I’ve achieved a lot of things and people know, respect and applaud me.

Again, it’s hard to leave all the good stuff and, more importantly, the good people behind. But the overarching theme of the day is that I have a lot bigger things that I’m going to do with my life and myself.

My friend Sandy made sure that Chris paused the meeting toward the end, and she announced that it was my last day with them. Chris gave a lovely, lovely speech about me. He probably sees a thousand of us in a week, but he knows my name, my stats and my stories. I’ve bragged about him so much at the Wednesday meetings that I’ve noticed half of the Wednesday group now attends on Tuesdays. 😉

I got the contact info of some of my friends, and I’m sure I will see them again — thousand miles of distance be damned. I promised my friend Becky that I will come back when I hit my weight-loss goal.

And that is a goal in and of itself — to be able to come back to D.C., on a random Tuesday night, to see my old friends and show them the new me. And I can’t WAIT to see how far they’ve come in their journey, too. We’ve had a lot of successes together. I am their biggest fans and can’t wait to see them again. Or, to see less of them, as we love to say.

It was a huge day in general. Had my exit interview. Got an offer to stay at my job.

Oh, and yeah, I GOT AN APARTMENT!

OMG, I was a walking panic attack today. Everyone knows how bad my credit is. I don’t care — I needed therapy. And everyone was so kind and positive and reassuring and sympathetic.

I had called my Plan B apartment complex this morning, only to be blown off by another snotty worker who said my paperwork is in progress and it will take up to eight days to get an answer. Which, I thought this was a sure thing (with extra deposits).

So I had Plan C in motion. There’s an apartment complex by work that I really love, and they have a location by my new workplace in Florida. So it turns out, their complex is cheap down there. Good location, decent size, great views, etc. I called them up and basically was reassured that I’d be fine if I applied there.

But …

Yeah, the “but” was that I had to pay $99 to apply (big deal — that’s standard) PLUS $500 (non-refundable) as a “service fee.” If I got turned down, I’d get the $500 back. But if I chose not to live there after approval, I’d be screwed.

And the place I’m going to, well, I don’t have a view. It’s a pretty complex if you can see the lake and other scenery. But I didn’t get one of those units. And fuck it, really — it’s a mile to the beach. Who the hell cares about their stupid little stream? 🙂

The point is, I have a home! OMG, I’m ready to do my Snoopy dance on the doghouse. Sure, the place is expensive by Florida standards (it’s still the same price as I’m paying in D.C., plus it’s an extra 200 square feet that I don’t have here). And it has two bathrooms. Which, the roomie says she’s coming, then she doesn’t, then she does. Whatever. I don’t have time/energy to think anymore. I have to PACK!

My dance card is also full for the next couple of weeks. So, I will probably be scarce. Plus, I have to give up my laptop on Friday, so adios to the Internet. Good, maybe I’ll focus on packing for a change!

Oh, yay, I can finally give the movers a destination address. Squee!

All right, back to my final Tuesday night newsletter. Which, I will miss the author, but not the process. Not one bit. …

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  1. Lachlan :

    *hugs* Hang tight, sister. It’ll be good before you know it!