That would be the sound of the proverbial other shoe dropping

Got turned down for the dream condo. A combination of the owner not being receptive to my glorious credit plus the fact that he says he may have a buyer. So yeah, let’s go with the route that I should be glad that he doesn’t take me and then turn around and sell the place in three months. Fine. Whatever.

Just tired of feeling like the scum of the earth when I could earn a third as much but, with perfect credit, be welcomed with open arms anywhere I apply.

Everyone keeps telling me to be positive, and good things will come. But I was positive all day, you know? Well, at least until the call came at 4:28 p.m.

Like all the relationships that failed to launch, I figure it fell through for a reason. But I’m tired of comforting myself with the “I guess it wasn’t meant to be” line. I mean, I’m OK with the heartbreak if I can just have the euphoria, too. When is it my turn to want to dance around because I’m just bursting with fruit flavor? Why does the bottom always have to fall out from under Every. Single. Dream?

Like my realtor said, my job is just to get down there right now. Once I’m there, even in a place I don’t love, I can escape the pressure of needing to find a place immediately. I can focus on working hard, saving money, and un-screwing up my credit. And THEN I can get my dream place.

She said she’ll get me a place on the water then. Hell, it’ll be on the water and 10 times nicer than the condo with which I fell in love. I’ll get my lifestyle, my inspiration, my beauty, my dream. I’ll get it all when it’s time to have it.

In the meantime, I’ll keep listening to all those chipper people who assure me (and reassure me) that said glorious time in my life will, in fact, come.

And universe, if you’re listening? Since I can’t have my dream apartment, can you send me that great love that I’ve all but given up on in the pursuit of everything else?

One Lonely Response to That would be the sound of the proverbial other shoe dropping

  1. Mel :

    Scew it, come to California, We will take anyone here. 🙂