Movin’ on up

How easy it is to fall back into the pattern of smoking. I’ll probably get through my little pack within the week, but hopefully I won’t be tempted to do it again … at least, not until this time next year. 😉

I’m staying in a hotel that goes for $300 a night (I’m here at a steep discount) and I’m so annoyed at the lack of tech support and basic room service (light bulbs in the lamps — that’s all I’m asking for, people!), not to mention the service at the restaurants. Outstanding food, no doubt, but waiting three hours for it in two different places? You could feed me a platter of dry-roasted ass and I’d probably devour it!

OK, ew. 😉

In particular, I think they had to fly Wolfgang Puck himself in to cook dinner last night — either that or my striped bass had to swim here itself. I’m not ruling out either argument at this point!

I do have to give mad props to Emeril’s. Food is magnifique, and the service is unparalleled. Headed to a steak place in an hour — nice to have something in the way of intelligent conversation to look forward to!

That’s the thing about trips — I’m so tired, all I want to do is crawl into a fetal position and sleep for the next 24 hours, but I can’t stand missing a minute of just being elsewhere, y’know? Because I can sleep when I’m back in the ol’ routine again, although I’m trying to figure out how to hop off the red-eye and be fresh for an early-a.m. conference call. That is, traffic (read: lack thereof) permitting!

Anyway, speaking of dry-roasted ass, I’m off to scrub my butt. The restaurant is business casual. Do you THINK I packed biz casual? Do I even OWN biz casual? Gah. I own suits and jeans, heels and sneakers. I do have some things in-between, but they’re a whole friggin’ continent away!

Oh, well. Worse problems to have, eh? 😉

2 Responses to Movin’ on up

  1. Erica :

    I’ve got a shit-ton of business casual. If I ever had to dress up for work for real, I’d just have to stop working. Fortunately, I’m an engineer and that will likely never happen.

  2. Inachis :

    That’s one of the things I love about the weather here in northern Europe. Ice and a minimum of a foot of snow on the streets for about half the year ’round means that business casual = just plain casual around here. Case in point: I’m at work right now wearing jeans and a hoodie. Only management and sales needs to wear suits around here. 🙂