Girl power

I’ve come to just hate even hinting at politics on this blog, but I’m breaking my silence for five minutes. I was staring at Saturday morning financial TV and feeling sick over the Seattle shooting (way to go, wack-job Muslim, shooting Jews in America. Great work. Hope somebody strings you up by your ball sack. Jerkoff). *kick*

And it occured to me that while I absolutely abhor the Bush dynasty (just say no to Jeb!), I’m pretty damned happy that our secretary of state is a woman. Not that I’m a fan of Condi, by any means, but she’s got an amazing opportunity to break the boys’ club mold and get some shit done. Whether she will — or even can, as I know how hard it is to be taken seriously when you only possess theoretical testicles — is anyone’s guess, but more power to her.

Speaking of girl power, I found out that if I just pay double, I can get private yoga/stress relief/meditation classes at my own convenience. Hmm. I don’t suppose 1 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday is convenient to the instructor? 😉

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