Definitely no-ga to yoga

Didn’t even have time to finish my call to the center to tell them I didn’t have time to make it. 🙂 Oh well. Others have it much worse in the world, so who am I to whine? I mean, hell, my favorite toy called it quits before a very important meeting today. (Ahem.) So, really, if I could live through that, everything else is cake.

Mmm, cake. … ;9

One Lonely Response to Definitely no-ga to yoga

  1. Caterwauling :

    […] Anyway, awhile back, I’d mentioned that I was supposed to go to a stress-management yoga class (that I’d missed). Incidentally, the tags are still on all the accessories and clothes I’d bought anyway, so if this doesn’t illustrate how many projects I start with fervor and abandon in a heartbeat, I don’t know what does. […]