Kindness of friends

My buddy at work gave me a brand-new recliner/ottoman set from everyone’s favorite Swedish store. It’s purple microfiber and holy shit, COMFY. The one thing I lack in the house is, oh, furniture, and I’d joked that I spend 60 hours a week at work because at least there’s a chair there.

She asked me one day if I like purple, and yesterday she brought me the furniture under the auspices that she doesn’t use it. (Good lord, I could die in this chair, it’s so heavenly.) Maddie has claimed the chair and Kadi’s all about the ottoman, but I didn’t realize microfiber was so easy to clean insofar as cat hair. (I also joke that PETA would shoot me on-sight if they saw all the fur I wear, but I promise, I’m not doin’ it voluntarily!)

I need to do something nice for my friend, although I’m not sure what but I’ll think of something. Just goes to show that if you live a good life and just try to be a decent person, karma really does lend you a helping hand when you need it most.

I’d debated leaving said chair at work, given that I’m rarely home (either at work, out shopping or on the rare occasion the boy and I can schedule 10 consecutive minutes in the same room, I visit him. His floor is way quieter than mine, given that the family with five toddlers in the 1BR + den moved out and a couple with four teenagers and one toddler just moved in. The hell? They all park themselves on the landing/stairs and I cannot STAND them), but then I’d probably never leave. 🙂

2 Responses to Kindness of friends

  1. Connie :

    Buy her the prettiest yellow rose and take it to work with you and thank her. Simple, yet means a lot.

  2. Caterwauling :

    […] Everything goes so well with the couch I threw away new purple chair in my living room. I’m going to look so cute when I put on all my new clothes and lay out all the yoga shit on the floor and fall asleep just thinking about my shopping expedition. […]