From sand to snow in 2 days flat

Sand lion

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Yesterday, I cleaned the snow off the car at 7 a.m. I re-emerged after 8 a.m. only to find my work was all for nothing. Cleaned it off again.

Had to run to the post office. Well, “run” is overstating the issue, as it was more like “skidded.” I was pulling out of my apartment complex and as I went down the hill that would put me on the interstate, I braked. But then they started popping and stopped working, so whee I went for a spin. The good news was that the normally insane stretch of road was unnaturally quiet at that moment.

I spent five, maybe 10 minutes inside the post office, where the whore charged me 42 cents to mail a postcard. (Of course, all my vacation postcards bear a D.C. postmark — why do you ask?) I asked why and she said it’s “oversized.” I said, “What other size is there?” *smack* A friend later in the day said he thought I was going to go postal, and I made everyone crack up when I said, “Let me tell you something about THOSE whores. …” 🙂

Anyway, I had to clean off my car AGAIN at the post office.

I got to work, where of course the car sat in the same spot for more than eight hours. I tell ya, I envied those who get to go to lunch, because at least they didn’t come out to two inches of packed snow when they left for the night. Yeesh.

I went out, as I am apt to do on Tuesdays, but I had given up on my “Tuesdays with Goddess” nights since I inherited this exhausting new project that is easy (for me. Not for a rational, normal human being, no doubt) but it’s rather time-consuming. But alas, I was told that I needed to surrender my computer to the IT gods because, as they put it, “You never stop working.” Apparently the fix I need takes an hour and that everyone else in the building, save for another workaholic friend, had already been serviced.

I busted my booty to get done at what I would determine a reasonable hour. But alas, the ‘puter update got moved to today. The only thing that kept me from going postal was that, even though I was about to gnaw off my own arm from the stress, I finally made it to my Tuesday night “thing” after several weeks away.

So after my “thing,” during which the fucking sleet started, guess who was chipping ice off her windows? And all night as I slept, I kept hearing the ding of text messages from AlertDC about all the street and school closings.

I can’t bring myself to look at my car, since there will be one more ice sculpture in progress. I feel like Edward Scissorhands when he was carving the block of ice and making it “snow” over the town.

That’s why I’m posting the photo of the sand lion I saw at the beach. Apparently there’s a guy who gets up at the crack o’ moi each day and does these very elaborate masterpieces. Just for fun.

Here’s a shot of the lion, a rhino and the tip of a tail all the way at the bottom of the shot. Neat stuff.

All right, enough whining. For all intents and purposes, Mother Nature’s tampon being full of TNT aside, it’s been a good week. Kicking ass, taking names, playing project whack-a-mole. People who are not normally the type I would describe as “cooperative” are downright helpful. Mountains have become molehills, to some degree.

Can has Mercury in Retrograde? Can has! And for once, I’m not complaining about it!

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