Everyone Else: 2, Goddess: 0

There is not one thing I can say about yesterday that wouldn’t get me fired. Not one.

The only saving grace to the day is that one of my boys called at the exact moment I needed it. And it left me with dreams of leaving it all behind, packing up a suitcase and running away to where he is. Which is clearly “not here” and my inner circle knows that I refer to all my boys by the city in which they live. Except Maryland boys. I lump them all into the “Maryland” category. Have had my heart thrown in the trash compactor too many times by them — they don’t get special mentions anymore. 😉

Of course, if I did jump in the car and beeline to a new city, it would be more running away than running toward at this point. But, you know. Stranger things not only have happened, but are happening.

One thing I will say is that, if you present me with something that’s as appealing as digested Mexican food on a wad of toilet paper (with which you’ve just wiped your ass, for those who need it spelled out), and my immediate response is, “Um, yeah, not so much,” the correct response is not to tattle. If we have to collaborate now, since structural changes dictate losing the trusted and dealing with the unknown, this wasn’t quite the way to start things off. Makes me wonder if this was just a one-off or whether it’s a sign of things to come.

I didn’t get one iota of sleep last night. And I hope I can keep it from showing too much. But can the girl who was secretly hoping for some sort of change handle the metric ass-ton that’s been dumped on her little red toenails?

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