‘You just might find … you get what you need’

Between a not-wonderful workday yesterday that I curtailed at my earliest convenience, and an Extended HouseguestTM who seems to be under the impression that they can extend their stay till I get married (anyone wanna go to Vegas with me post-haste?), well, all I gotta say is this:

more animals

In better news, I was practicing some Magic Lite the other night. No, not a game — just trying to see if I could invoke some magic, but without any substantial effort.

I haven’t tried it since before I got my last job, since I was lighting candles and chanting for stable employment. I got it. Hoo boy, did I get it. 🙂

Hence I’ve been magic-free for several years because, kids, sometimes you DO get what you wish for. So be careful!

Anyway, I was saying a little spell as I lit a candle the other night, basically asking the universe to present me with a good man. I mean, I’ve got my arsenal, don’t you worry. 😉 But I’ve waited so long for a good one, I don’t want to pick wrong.

And I tell you, NOT 30 SECONDS after I said my little thing, my phone rang. Because someone was thinking of me and wanted to say hi at that exact moment.

Life’s doing a 180 right now. Am down another 2 pounds this week. (Yes!) The job I was just hired for is going through a major metamorphosis. And the heart, she has things to look forward to, however they end up unfolding.

Lord give me strength — I’m gonna need it more than ever. …

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