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O HAI little bloggy!

With birds flying into my work building and DYING (two hummingbirds and one, oh, ENDANGERED-SPECIES woodpecker), I’m sure that’s been a sign of the market mayhem that we endured today. I have photos but it’s depressing, really.

(Photos of the bird suicides, I mean, not the market hijinx. The photo op of the latter will come when Botox is an approved prescription on my healthcare plan because of the fucking crow’s feet I generated as the Dow Industrials dropped an ever-so-not-lucky 777 points.)

Of course, my colleagues say it’s funny that birds are trying to get into the windows (except that woodpecker — he flew straight into the brick). Because they expect to see a Goddess-shaped imprint on the INSIDE of the windows as I run screaming without being bothered to find a door. Ow. If I see birdies flying around my head, they’ll probably be real.

Anyway, we’re long past Hour 12 at the ranch, which still beats going home, but still. I’m passing off one project (to someone who already has to goddamned many of them, IMHO) so that I can inherit five more.

The good news is, I got a nice “atta girl” out of the top-tier of the top brass. Which, yay. I can totally dig that. They like me — they really like me! Apparently love is showered in compliments and boulders to roll up mountains. Yep, thanks, feelin’ really loved here, then!

Things are still same shit, different shoes everywhere else in my world. I was told life was changing, and life IS changing. Some of the same old shit is still the same old shit. And some of it is just shiny new shit. But the common denominator? Yep, you guessed it. Shit.

Speaking of shit or, at least, other words that feel overly appropriate given the hour of the night and the lack of done-ness of the shit project list, well, don’t make me talk about what passes for “done” or “approved” or “I asked for it to be blue. Why the hell is it so hard to change a fucking hex code to make something blue?”


In any case, once again my overall sentiment toward this week (yes, I’m aware it’s only Monday) is best expressed in lolcat:

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  1. Lachlan :

    Speaking of lolz…

    Hang in there….sometimes we need hip waders to get through the shit, but we always seem to manage.