Dreaming of Kauai, Paris and Madrid

I am exactly at the edge that I reach every few months when it feels like I accidentally swallowed a stiletto, which is usually assuaged (temporarily) by escaping from the world. But how does a girl escape to some exotic locale on a homeless person’s budget?

I need a change of scenery. I need sunshine and daylight and an absolute lack of being chained to a computer. I want absolutely no feeling of urgency to do anything unless it’s to make it to a facial in enough time to go catch a brilliant sunset somewhere. I want to leave a “goodbye, cruel world” note on the door and retreat into my own head for awhile.

So, where do you go for respite when you’re on the broke side, that’s safe to travel to alone and would actually be memorable (in a good way)? Beaches are OK (although I burn and don’t swim), but seeing kitchy shit like giant balls of twine and other oddball landmarks is NOT my idea of fun.

I would just hate for yet another decade summer to go by as unremarkably as the last. I can’t keep accepting this ho-hum life I’ve fallen into, or it will never change for good. Even local-yokel tourist traps like Ocean City or Virginia Beach are on the list (definitely in the budget, anyway). If I ask Calgon to take me away, where should I ask it to go?

5 Responses to Dreaming of Kauai, Paris and Madrid

  1. trouble :

    How about something drivable from DC like Savannah or the mountains of North Carolina?

  2. Mindy :

    There’s the beer and seafood festival in Richmond at Brown’s island this Saturday–then it’s just a hop-skip-jump to the beach. $25 = all you can drink locally brewed beer for 9 hours! *yum* By the way, I love your blog, and my cats send “poop-outs” to yours.

  3. Lachlan :

    Maybe a short weekend or overnighter at an out of the way bed & breakfast? Somewhere quiet where you can recharge your batteries and write.

  4. The Goddess :

    Welcome Mindy!

    I’ll tell you what, if I weren’t gladly attending the wedding of the year this weekend (bows toward Tiff, the blushing bride), I’d beat my ass down to Richmond in a heartbeat. Keep me posted — I think that’s probably exactly what I need.

    Well, that and an overnighter, preferably with a gentleman caller. But where will I find one I don’t have to pay for that? 😉

  5. Erica :

    You know, I feel like I know a few blogger people who know Tom and Tiff, but none of them know each other. Weird. Look for an English girl named Kimberley who writes for DC Metblog and tell her you know me.