Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

I am sittin’ here, jonesing for a Ho-Ho or some other chocolate-themed goodness to get me through the rest of this day (believe me, it’d burn off by the time I go home). And the thought of eating something and my skirt thus feeling any more snug is enough to go make me throw up my coffee and Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke.

See, there’s the easiest weight-loss idea ever — wear your favorite clothes, even if they no longer fit. Makes you want to sooner stab a fork in your EYE than let it spear some scrumptious goodness that’s going to ensure the zipper that’s holding on for dear life doesn’t commit suicide till you can put on something a little more forgiving.

Well, it works for now, but alas, don’t think I ain’t going home and snarfing down some Black & Tan to make myself feel better. … 😉

One Lonely Response to Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

  1. trouble :

    I’m feelin’ ya, boo. I need to lose, minimum, 10 lbs. to make my clothes fit. 15 would be better. I have a bunch of stuff hanging in my closet because I can’t fit my big ass into it right now.