Dogshit nachos

Between not having any time to post and having a bizzitch of a time logging into this fucking site, boy am I behind in my bitching. But then again? It’s OK. Really. I always love to deconstruct things so that I can cope and let go of them. But there’s something to be said for denial or outright avoidance. Whee oblivion!

But the title of this entry made me laugh my ass off. Wait, nope, *poke* — still there. Damn it. Oh, and ow.

But enough about me. Let me wish the Carnival of the Recipes a happy centennial! (I hosted No. 98 and No. 72) Trub did a spectacular job rounding up readers to round up their favorite Carnival moments.

My favorite? Dogshit Nachos. Never mind how bloody god-awful it looks, but the name cracks me up every time. Yes, I’m aware I’m still in the second grade! I’ve wanted to serve up a nice shit souffle to some of my least favorite people, but this seems much more doable, given that I really don’t need to clean up after any errant pet droppings to make it possible.

Speaking of pet droppings, Maddie wiped her ass on my voter registration card. Big wet shit streak on it and the surrounding carpet. I’d be angry but honestly, if it’s her way of saying our elected officials can be asswipes, I’d be inclined to agree! 😉

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