It’s not easy being this cute


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Nate was my buddy during Sabre’s moving day yesterday. (Yes, that’s a “Hooters” lanyard on him!) He’s very quiet and calm but supposedly fussy with others. I agreed to entertain him for a few minutes and he really took to me. I always seem to get along best with baby boys — here’s to hoping that when the day comes that I have one (and I stress, ONE), it’s a little lad.

A bunch of colleagues came together to pitch in for the move. It either says something about our workplace or our work ethic in that we knew each other on sight, but I’d never had a conversation with any of them before. To say we bust our butts and burn the midnight oil is an understatement. If we could have Port-a-Potties in our offices, we’d never have to emerge from them!!! In any event, I am impressed by the quality of people I’m surrounded by. I’m also sort of reminded that for as hard as some days get, I really do have a damn good situation in comparison to most others. *bows before the Goddess for that one*

Insofar as the big move, I don’t envy our dear Sabre, but I do wish her lots of love and luck and happiness in her new abode!!!

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