Desperately seeking earbuds. And a Prozac dispenser

Most days, we’re all holed up in our offices with our respective doors shut, as we are all engaged in heavy-thinking work. We are not hiding in our offices like the non-productive folks at my last job, who blatantly left their doors open while they took naps and competed in Solitaire championship games all friggin’ day.

Anyway, we all had our doors open today, and I tell you, I would have gotten more peace pulling out my laptop in the middle of the Metro Center station. My beloved neighbor (I really do like him. We kid because we love!) was so loud today that someone coming to meet with me thought that my neighbor was in my office, thanks to the volume. I realize now that this can come in very handy — everyone thinks I’m in a meeting! My door will be closed more often. 😉

But the real kicker was that I was listening to my iPhone without the earbuds. (I think a cat may be trying to hang herself with them right now — can’t find ’em in my purse.) And that’s just a bad, bad idea for the number of comedy albums I store in there. Case in point, a bit came on from Lisa Lampanelli, (“Pillow Talk,” if you’re familiar.)

If you’re not familiar, it’s the track that starts off with:
“‘… See ’cause I’m an older white bitch and I started banging black guys late in life, so I’ll be honest — it scared the hell outta me. …”


I’d apologize to my neighbors, but meh. I think forgiveness is just understood on all of our parts. 🙂 Like Lisa’s album title, we all just “Take it Like a Man”!

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