My brain got run over by a reindeer

I’ve gotten many compliments and more than a few questions on my blog category “Being a Girl.” It’s basically where I make blog entries that no man would dare make, let alone even think of. It’s also where I can just let it all hang out and blame it on carrying ovaries and a C-cup everywhere I go. 😉

Anyway, in today’s “Being a Girl” news, I am struggling because my bra does not go with my shirt. And I am wondering whether it would be less of a pain in the ass to change the bra or change the outfit. Ladies, am I alone in thinking I should just go for a different outfit?

In other girly randomness, in my last entry, I talked about the New Hampshire woman who took her husband’s ashes to Heinz Field for his first/only Steeler game. But what I neglected to add was that I told my friends that my last request is to have some of my ashes sprinkled into Jon Bon Jovi’s pants — lord knows it’s the only way I’m going to get there!!! 😀

2 Responses to My brain got run over by a reindeer

  1. Sabre :

    Okay, first thing I saw when I opened the page… “Bon Jovi’s pants.” Now I’m all squishy, thanks!

    And I vote for the outfit. Never change a good bra unless you absolutely have to!

  2. Mel :

    Did you see my twitter about Bon Jovi & Daughtry? Wanna come to Cali?