Doesn’t feel like Christmas. Or a weekend, for that matter

My tree stands undecorated, the house looks like a hurricane went through it, I left work at 10 p.m. and I’ve got another hour to devote to it today so I can enjoy my damn holiday already, and I’m supposed to go to a Christmas party tonight.

No complaints — just too brain-dead to keep plugging when all I want to do is eat and sleep. And eat. I’m very stressed right now. And I stress-eat. (Five Guys burger for breakfast, anyone? Don’t think I didn’t.) I was too tired to eat “real” food last night (although the office was filled with sweet treats in all our myriad kitchens), so yum.

Anyway, I just bought my ticket to go somewhere on New Year’s. We’re looking at nearly $100 for the honor of being “somewhere” and getting a glass of champagne and maybe some cheese and crackers. We’ve also got dinner reservations beforehand, which I am looking forward to. (And will probably cost as much as the midnight event!)

The way I figure, there is no Christmas in my house this year, but if there’s one holiday I need to celebrate, it’s New Year’s. I am a firm believer that whatever you’re doing at midnight will set the tone for the year. Last year I was with friends, and although my year turned to absolute shit, I figure it at least started off on the right foot.

I also made reservations on New Year’s day for a nice restaurant. Yeah, I’m starting off the new year broke as all hell but at least I won’t be hungry. 😉

It was a struggle to decide to go out because there are so many obligations (read: guilt trips, mostly self-inflicted) to overcome. But I had the choice to greet the new year wishing that I were somewhere else, or else I could go out and be overjoyed that I was out doing something fun and hopefully memorable. A friend gave me the advice to buy the ticket and make a commitment for the next day to balance the skipping out for midnight.

In that, everybody wins — and I win twice.

And that, my friends, is an occasion worth celebrating. If the new year brings double the wins, then it’ll be a delightful year, indeed.

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