Yo Ho-ga

I might or might not meet my deadlines in time for tonight’s yoga class, and maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t exactly own exercise gear. Well, I do, but it is about four sizes smaller than I am right now because, dude, it’s been awhile.

So I was joking with someone who had stopped to visit to ask whether I’m still going to the class, and I was thinking about what I’m wearing. I think the pants would be OK — they’re comfy and roomy (I got ’em for $4.97 — the legs are three inches too long and they keep getting caught in my cute Liz Claiborne heels). They’re designer but they were not only on clearance, but I swear they had to be mismarked. w00t!

Anyway, back to the moment. I went to stretch all Zen-like and shit, but well, the girls started to fall out of the bottom of the beloved push-up bra, so perhaps we need to add a sports bra to the shopping list if we’re going to go about this health-conscious voyage. Wouldn’t want to turn yoga into ‘ho-ga!!!

They have a health checklist in the brochure (one of those things that says if you have three or more of these symptoms, you need this class), and I have 11 of the 12 signs you need a health intervention (e.g., can’t concentrate, can’t sleep, stiff, anxious, shows up regularly to self-pity parties, rides the waah-mbulance, etc.). So yeah, I s’pose it’s time to MAKE time!

Maybe this will give me the f’ing concentration I need to get my damn work done in a reasonable amount of time. Aw, hell, I’d be happy for the improved flexibility. … 😉

2 Responses to Yo Ho-ga

  1. Mel :

    Yeah, we don’t want you going “ho-ga” on us. I was watching the news yesterday and even though this seems common sense to me. Bring your own mat. Studys show that you can catch all sorts of foot diseases when you share gym mats. Good luck!

    Yoga is great!

  2. Caterwauling :

    […] Anyway, awhile back, I’d mentioned that I was supposed to go to a stress-management yoga class (that I’d missed). Incidentally, the tags are still on all the accessories and clothes I’d bought anyway, so if this doesn’t illustrate how many projects I start with fervor and abandon in a heartbeat, I don’t know what does. […]