Decisions, decisions

All right, I’m either buying furniture or a computer. And there’s a chance that I might get a Windows (*ack* *barf* *shudder*) laptop from work, so I’m erring on the side of buying furniture as the smarter endeavor. For now. 😉 On Saturday, I’ve got a hot date with the couch/loveseat I think I want, and I’ve got the new coffee/end tables in mind, too. (I swear, I have a growing collection of the latter).

I usually ring in my birthdays depressed about how far I haven’t come in life, but with the one coming up, I’m looking very much forward to celebrating everything that has gone right so far. I joke that I’m going to stop adding years and stay firmly at 32 for the next decade or so, but you know what? I’ve earned every gray hair and laugh line. And while I will probably start working on fighting those, I can’t fight time. I can only ask for it to continue to be kind and to let me win the battle more often than not. 🙂

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