It should have stayed hidden

I’ve been trying for a year now to find a particular furniture store. The address is simple enough — it’s a five-digit number on a major interstate that I travel from time to time. But the problem is that the numbers on the buildings I do know in the area only go up to four digits. So I hit the end of the road — and my rope — on numerous occasions, and the store remained hidden.

Today I had occasion to be in the area anyway, and I finally tried Which surprisingly told me the place was on the same block as a restaurant I have been to. Which, let’s say the store is at 12000 — the restaurant is at 1800. In whatever parallel universe I drove into today, I found the fucking store was right across the street in another plaza.

I was ecstatic — finally! I was going to buy furniture! Today! *squee*


Actually, I assure you, it wasn’t even worth the damn drive. The most interesting thing in the showroom was the three-legged chair for $199. That was fun. Although I was sitting on all the couches, I decided to pass on trying out that chair. 😉 I did find an OK sofa/loveseat deal in red microfiber — comfy as hell, but the color didn’t work. Maybe it was because they were trying to pass off a red armchair as part of the deal that was clearly made for another collection, not to mention the color was off from the original set. Argh.

I did see another set that wasn’t so comfortable but was much cuter. It had a pleather back and pleather arms. And I hate pleather — I’d rather have leather, so my one cat won’t annhilate it with her claws. But the couch I do want at another store that’s a good 30-odd miles from here is the same thing — black leather (maybe it is pleather, we’ll see) with gray microfiber. Since my place is pretty much done in black-and-silver anyway, it just seems like a good fit.

But I’m so afraid it won’t work when I do lay eyes on it, so I wanted to have a backup plan. But yeesh, nothing else is speaking to me other than to say, “You should have stayed home!”

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