Sometimes I wish the cats could talk

But only if it’s to remind me that I am walking out of the house without makeup. *sigh*

Got in the car this morning, looked in the mirror, marveled that my skin is near-flawless today, and realized that holy crap, I forgot to put on makeup. I usually do the eye makeup at work, but I don’t leave the house without foundation.

So I walked in, washed my face, slathered it with my Neutrogena soft-bisque shade and, hell, since I was already late, cut an inch off my hair while I was at it. And we wonder why I never get to work on time!

Urgent shit just hit the inbox. Glad I actually made it in time to see it!


Perhaps the cats could have told me that my MAKEUP BAG was sitting next to my bed and not in my tote bag?

Who’s ready for retirement? *raises hand*

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